Sunday, March 22, 2009

chapter 4

Hi blog followers!

Sorry it has been so long since I have updated, but please know that I am so busy on the road and rarely have internet   :-\
So take this as a joyful moment! I have been enjoying tour so much and seeing so many beautiful cities & states. When we first left the office Wednesday, March 11th @ 9am we drove straight from Torrance, CA to Grinnell, Iowa. Yes, straight through. A total of 30 hours no stops [minus gas, food & potty breaks!] We rotated sleeping to push through the drive. We are crazy!! 
We spent the night at Nancy's friend in Iowa and the next morning drove for 20 hours until we arrived in Richmond, Virginia. We stayed here for a few days at Rob Young's parents house. It was beautiful & big! His family was so generous and hospitable towards us. I tried so many new things for the first time like salmon, carrot cake, chicken salad, sashimi, and many, many Korean dishes! 
It has definitely been a step out of my comfort zone  & my natural element, however I vowed to myself and my team before I left, that while in the road I would "maximize every opportunity/experience to its full potential"! This includes trying new things for the first time, even if I know it will be disgusting, haha. 
I have really grown in love with the Korean culture. The families that we have stayed with thus far, have amazing stories and amazing hearts. The students we have come in contact with have been so passionate, and this encourages me to keep pushing through each day no matter how hard it gets. 
I am so blessed by the Lord to have been given this opportunity to explore and create a movement amongst many different faces. I am so grateful to LiNK for allowing me to come on board with them as well. 
A week ago I bought a "how to learn Korean" book and I have been studying just about every other day. I am so excited to learn Korean and because of this tour I am really considering going to South Korea to learn the language, as well as the culture. 
I am basically not putting any restrictions or limitations on what God has in store for me in this chapter of my life. 

My dear friends & family, this blog can not express how much I miss and love all of you, I can't wait to see you all again. Please continue to keep me posted on your lives.

ALSO!!!! since it is hard for me to update this blog, please also follow my team's blog @
there will find videos, pictures and more updates while we are on the road.


For now, here are a few pictures of that past week on tour! [ok so the pics didn't work, but i will get them up soon!]
-we did a screening at Virginia Tech and visited the memorial for the shootings. so touching.
-in Charlottesville, Virginia we visited some historical sites [Took a picture in front of the Robert E Lee statue! for you Dusty <3]

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  1. I am so proud of you Brenda. This is such a great opportunity, and I am so glad you are enjoying it!