Wednesday, February 10, 2010

remember my chains

I love reconnecting with the people who made the most impact in your life at one point & seeing where they are now, & discussing where you are as well. This past September marked 10 years of me being a Christian. I have never regretted a single minute of it. My first youth pastor that I had was Jeff. Him & his wife, Rebecca soon became like second parents to me. Within a month of my father leaving my family, I stepped, for the firs time, onto a church property and was greeted by these two amazing, God-fearing people. My life was forever changed.
It has been almost 7 years since I last saw Jeff & Rebecca, but their words of wisdom, guidance, & love has followed me in all of the decisions I have made in life.
Late last night I noticed Jeff was online on facebook, so I sent him a message & that was the start of our 2 hour online conversation. It consisted of jokes, laughter, tears & complete awe of God & how he truly speaks through His children. A lot was discussed & I walked away from our conversation desiring to seek God even more about what He is doing in my life currently.
Two major things he told me & that I learned was that,
Don't make contemporary decisions off of historical pain.
While we wait on the Lord, He is at work in our lives.

I am currently waiting on the Lord for guidance. I have been for quite some time now, & through it I have learned so much about my self & about my heart. God truly blesses us when we walk in obedience. I know my life & my heart isn't all figured out, & that is okay, but I know & trust that the Lord is going to provide for me & for those around me & heal all of our wounded hearts.
We have to believe this; we have to place our faith in this.

I don't ever want to just sit still in life. It's not worth it. Friends, I hope that wherever you are in life, right now, that you would not focus on the negative or the pain, but instead, surrender that to God. Trust me, He will respond. It may not be in the way you would like it to be, but His plan is always better than ours. So, if you are stagnant in your life right now, search for something to push you; find purpose in life. It always is a lovely experience when we go soul searching, I highly encourage it.

That is enough rambling for a night!

*If you could pray for me financially I would appreciate it, friends. I have been unemployed for 3 weeks now, & am running really low on funds. I have been looking, but it is near impossible to find a job right now. I appreciate it :)
&& please let me know how I can be praying for all of you (whoever reads this!)

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Keep fighting the good fight.
...even when it seems impossible.


  1. Love what you wrote. Also,I really do like the 2 quotes from Jeff!

  2. voted a whole bunch and will continue to do so!

  3. thank you dominic! it means a lot :D