Thursday, February 9, 2012

Between Notes

"The best stories end where they should, 
even if that's not exactly how you wanted them to."

I have Charter On Demand, and there's been this preview that keeps popping up for a movie called "Between Notes". It seemed like a cute, typical love story with a musical twist to it. I watched the trailer for it the other day, and then today I decided to actually watch it. After watching it, I will say that yes, it was cute, and it did have a musical twist, but it was far from a typical love story. It was unique, and not completely predictable, which I loved.

I won't spoil it, for those of you who want to watch it. But, I really do recommend that you see it. The soundtrack is completely phenomenal and refreshing. The main actor is singer/songwriter, David Ramirez, and the majority of the soundtrack is his original music.

Here is a trailer for the film, and also here is my favorite song from the movie. It definitely hits home for me. Enjoy <3

"The Things I Lost", David Ramirez

"so if you come back to me,
back to me
could you bring back the things I lost?
cause darlin' I'm fading away
like a soul caught in between
& my hands need something to hang on"

I hope you are all enjoying this day and are looking forward to the weekend!

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