Saturday, March 17, 2012

Creative Challenge Pt. 4

What once started as a 30-day consecutive challenge, turned into a decently consistent challenge, which is  now currently a sporadic challenge. Sigh. Nevertheless, I am still committed to finishing this project I started last month! Here is my latest update on my 30 Day Creative Challenge:

Day 16
Myself & little Miss Brooke "planted a tree" in her backyard. 
It won't actually grow, since it was technically a tree branch, 
but you know, that stuff doesn't actually matter to a three year old.

Day 17
I taught my 9 year old niece, Kylie, how to play a song I wrote on piano. 
Let me just say, this girl has natural talent. 
She is incredible. She picks up music so quickly, it makes my heart so proud!

Day 18
Back to painting! 
It felt so great to bust out my paint supplies, 
put on some great jams and just get in a zone. 
I created a stencil and then used a thin piece of plywood as my canvas 
and used acrylic paints. Super simple. 
This is a lyric to my latest song "Your healing is my melody".

Day 19
I saw this tutorial on another blog (which linked to this YouTube video
on how to curl your hair without using heat. 
I thought it sounded too good to be true, so I figured I would put it to the test!
*Start with dry, clean, brushed hair
*Place an elastic band around your head
*Take small pieces of your hair & tuck it into the band & pull through
*Repeat this until all of your hair is eventually tucked tightly into the band
*Sleep on it overnight & take it out the next day!
TIP: The smaller the pieces you grab, the tighter the curl will be. 


So, I have 11 more creative challenges to complete until I finish this project. I have to admit, it has been really challenging, but I am really glad I decided to do it. I've definitely found my inner creative self  again, and that has made me feel a lot more whole

Have you been creative lately? Are you currently doing any creative projects?
I'm still taking ideas, help me finish my goal!



  1. i'm confused about the headband/curl one...but i need to try it!! youtube video maybe?? also, i'm dying to hear your new song. love you brenda <3

    1. Yeah girl, watch that YouTube video (I linked to it) and it helps a lot! The song is close to being done, so maybe I can try to record a video soon! Also, maybe I will play it at our Pilgrims show on March 31st (you comin'?!)

  2. Yeah yeah! Post a video! Of your song, i mean. i wanna hear!

    i love that you planted a branch, that's so cute haha. yay for being creative! it may be taking linger than you initially planned, but at least your challenge is serving its purpose! so glad for that :]