Monday, January 5, 2015

dear twenty-fourteen

Celebrating the final night of twenty-fourteen
My year would not have been so amazing if it weren't for him

As twenty-fourteen comes to an end, I sit here in my tiny living room, with the candles lit, and a death cab for cutie vinyl playing in the background. As sparse as my blog posts are, I always look forward to my "end of the year wrap up" post. It's always interesting to reflect back each year to see what season I was in, and see what type of perspective I had on the year to come.

Twenty-fourteen was a great year for me. We entered into our second year of marriage, which has been so much fun. The first year was amazing, new and exciting. But, the start of the second year has proven to be more comfortable, familiar and settled. This year, we also went back to college (6th time for me), and I am proud to say I completed two classes, and passed them both! We traveled a lot this year. Mostly little weekend getaways, but we made it a point to pursue adventures every chance we got. Catalina, Santa Barbara/Solvang, San Diego (twice), San Francisco (anniversary trip!), Big Bear (twice), Palm Springs and Indio. We started (and stopped) working out at a local bootcamp. This was a great addition to our day to day routine, but sadly had to end due to finances and also just having way too much on our plate with starting school again. 

A few major highlights but so many more simple things that brought me joy. I feel like I am in the best place I can be in life. There are days I feel like I am getting so old, and then I quickly snap out of it and realize I have SO much life ahead of me, and it's time to start pursuing the things that I feel called to; that bring me joy. 

Twenty-fifteen is starting to look like it might be one of the biggest years for me yet. Lots of plans in the making, and that brings me so much excitement! I'm not necessarily a person who creates "resolutions" for the new year, but I definitely have some goals and hopes for this season. A few dreams of mine are:

(In no particular order...)
Move into a larger apartment
Get a dog
Find a church to call home
Continue taking classes
Pay off our car
Find a healthy regiment/lifestyle that works well for me

Keeping it simple, or at least that's the goal. I'm finding that simplicity is such a beautiful way to live life, and truly enjoy the things in front of you. 



  1. Brenda! Jeremy and I go to EVFree and love it! We really connected with Mike Erre and love his solid teachings.

  2. Hi Katie! Thanks for your comment :) Jamey and I have visited EVFree a couple of times, and really enjoyed Mike Erre's teaching. The main reason we didn't continue visiting was because we were initially looking for a smaller church. But, I'd definitely like to revisit and see if we still feel that way! Hope you're well!