Thursday, February 19, 2009

chapter one

Some interesting things have come up in the past week...well, mainly ONE interesting thing. On Thursday night of last week at college group, an organization called LiNK [LIBERTY in NORTH KOREA] came and presented a film called "Crossing". They are an organization representing North Korean refugees and are going around raising awareness to people like you and me about the severe humanitarian issues that are currently going on in North Korea. I was so fascinated about the outrageous statistics about starvation, death, sex trafficking, just to name a few. Afterwards, a leader of LiNK presented an opportunity to go on the road with them across the US for 2 months to play this film and raise awareness about these issues. I felt a calling to GO. Me? Yes, me. I was overwhelmed with fear, anxiety, excitement, sadness, and confusion. I thought and prayed about it alot. One of my best friends, Beatriz, was the very first person I talked to after I saw the film and had all of these thoughts and she told me something that has taken me through every moment and every doubt this past week, "GO UNTIL GOD SAYS NO". This is what I have done, and the Lord has laid everything out perfectly for me. Everything that has fallen into place. I am so blessed by this opportunity.

This is something I wrote probably around 8 months ago or so:

i desire to wake up everyday and realize that i have already been blessed with even one more day to live out my life. i desire to be the person that knows she has so much to live for, and does just that- lives. i desire to travel and see just how big God really is. i desire to be a helping hand to a stranger. i desire to be a guest in someone else's culture and community, halfway across the world. i desire to fulfill my dreams, visions and all of these desires and to not just come up with a million reasons why it couldn't happen.
i desire to love God & love others.

That was really my desire, and the Word tells us God will give us the desires of our hearts... man, how more true can that verse be in my life right now?? :]

I will be leaving March 2nd for two weeks in Torrance, CA for INTENSE training. Then I will be sent out in a van [location-TBA] with two other people, who I have yet to meet. I will then be on the road for 2 months, and come back to Torrance for a debriefing session. I will complete this "tour" on June 2nd.

I am embarking on a new chapter in my life, this chapter will be called the LiNK [LIBERTY in NORTH KOREA] chapter. I have a great opportunity that has been placed before me to branch out and be used as a tool to raise awareness in the US about the humanitarian issues in North Korea. I will be on the road, traveling with faces that are unfamiliar to me, but in the end will become characters in my chapter. I am both excited and nervous. The Lord has brought me so far and I am eager to see how He pans everything out.
My dearest friends and family, you will be missed.



  1. Praise the Lord for the wisdom He shares with us during our circumstances. its an obvious devine moment you & i had after the video that night (think about it, i wasnt even "suppose" to be there that night-i only went for you) I am so proud of you for having taken this huge step of faith (id call it more of a JUMP) its encouraging to see you be so obedient to His calling. i cant imagine the things you will see & learn these 3 months. (or the things He will do through you) when talking to you, i thought of this verse & ive also wanted to share it with you:

    Open your mouth for the speechless, In the cause of all who are appointed to die. Open your mouth, judge righteously, & plead the cause of the poor and needy. Proverbs 31:8&9

    I see that you are doing this. & i am so proud, as your friend, but also as your sister. I am going to miss you so much.

    KEEP going until God says no.

    I love you.


  2. thanks so much bea.
    you have always been such an encouragement to me in these times.
    that verse for sure rocks, i love it.

    im gonna more than miss you.
    get a new mac so we can video ichat :]

    lunch was good today.

  3. Woo-hoo!!! I talked to Dusty on the phone a couple of days ago and he told me about this. I am so proud of you and excited for you. I know that it takes courage to leave your current life for a time, and I am proud of you for being brave and confident.

    P.S. I still check your blog, hoping for a new post, even though you haven't written in over two months. And that is okay, but it is not okay if you don't write when you go off to have this amazing experience. Thank you.

  4. haha thanks brooke! i will definitely be updating more often while on the road!
    i saw your parents today at dusty's grandmother's funeral, and i told them all about it.
    im super pumped!!

    and i also heard about your trip to bosnia!! that is so awesome :] look at us adventuring out and what not haha