Thursday, March 5, 2009

Chapter Two

Since my last post, I had my last shift at CPK, moved out of my apartment, left some awesome people and moved to Torrance, CA. I am currently working for LiNK [Liberty in North Korea], a non-profit organization that I previously talked about in my previous chapter. 
Becky, Megan & I arrived to the LiNK office in Torrance on Monday and have been exhaustively working early to late ever since. It has been by far, the most intense training that I have ever been a part of.... and i LOVE it. There is something thrilling about being spontaneous, and putting your thoughts & desires into action. The people that are in this office and working for LiNK are some incredible people, with fascinating stories. 
We [the LiNK Nomads] have all been divided into teams & US regions. My team is the "North East Team" and it is myself, and two crazy-awesome people, Josh & Nancy. I am sure you will be hearing more about those two in chapters to come :] They have also been teaching me a little Korean. [chin-chu!] or something like that...
AHHH. I am just trying to even recall all that has happened in that past few days, but I am even having trouble with that! It has been so educating, and exciting as well as terrifying, all in the same time. I will be able to extend on some of these experiences in my "part 2 of Chapter 2", but for now, duty calls!

I love you all so much, thank you for your support in my journey :]

PS- My team & I will be heading for the East Coast this coming Wednesday! WHOA!!

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