Sunday, March 29, 2009

some pictures!

^- Me in front of the Washington Monument [it was pouring rain!!]
^ -This is a view from the bridge between Washington DC and Virginia!
^- This was an awesome group of people we met at William & Mary
^- We met up with Elli [Rob Young's sister] for lunch in VA
^- Us in front of the V-tech memorial, very moving

^- Me in front of  the Robert E. Lee statue [wishing Dustin was with me, of course]

So that is all I have for now. I still need to buy a camera :-\ so hopefully I will have some more soon!

love you all!


  1. babe your pose in front of the robert e. lee statue kills me!! sooo Brenda of you:)

  2. aw my darling! i was thinking of you & only you while i was taking it! [my team actually told me to pose as if you were next to me so we could photoshop you in, but i didn't]

  3. I like your tattoo in the Robert E. Lee pic. You should post a close up of it!