Monday, April 6, 2009

chapter four?

Liberty Bell

Benjamin Franklin's Grave 

Famous philly cheesesteak [such a long line!!]

Nancy [my teammate] & I singing Journey at a Karaoke bar

Being away from the place that I am most familiar with has taught me so much. Here I am, everyday surrounded by unknown faces & places and there are days where I am so excited to be where I am yet simultaneously, I find myself distressed & almost claustrophobic. Please don't misunderstand what I am saying, I am happy where I am. I am satisfied with what I am doing. Some days are harder than others, though. I am appreciating home and my friends & family so much more now that I have been apart from them for this period of time. I never realized how much I love California. I usually am the first to say "I am getting out of here". Why? What is so bad about southern California? Okay, I will be first to admit it is way too expensive, haha. Truth is, southern California is perfect for me. I claim to not be a "cali girl" [whatever that means], yet I really think I am. I am so excited for going home and going on adventures and exploring, going to the beach, taking drives, going on hikes, etc. I know I feel this way because of tour. Just this week alone, walking the streets of Philly, I am just in awe of my surroundings. The people. the terrible traffic, the pedestrians who don't obey the street signals, the cheesesteaks, the architecture, the weather...and so much more. I was talking to Bea last night on the phone, and I know she feels the same way. So I am excited to get home and go exploring our home with her. I miss her a lot. :[ I miss my friends and I miss going to church every week. Last night, before our screening, I was able to attend a church service. It was awesome. I felt so at home, yet I didn't know a soul. Isn't that amazing? Within the family of God, that we can be complete strangers yet be so close at the same time... I find it quite beautiful. That was very refreshing. I am so grateful for my community of friends back home, and I am excited to go back and tell them my wonderful stories and here about their lives. I am sorry if this blog is coming off as if I am not happy, because I am. I think it just am a little sad today, I blame it on the rain, haha. 

Anywho, Philly is a great city, but I could NEVER live here. It is too busy for me, I can't even hear myself think! We got to see some cool places though, like the liberty bell, ben franklin's grave, the nation's largerst indoor farmer's market, and of course eat a famous philly cheesesteak [with cheese whiz]. I still have yet to by a camera, it is hard to find a place out here. I am also very poor. $40 a week is clearly not enough to get by *that is the food stipend LiNK provides for us every week* I am grateful for it, but I am finding myself taking from my checking, which I hate, but it will all be ok. 

Well friends, you are missed. Please write me! It makes my days so much better! I love you all, be blessed.


  1. i cannot wait for our lives to meet again. we have so much to do still... are you ready? i am.

    love you/miss you too.

  2. im pretty stoked you came to my city and I got to meet coming to visit you in cali land...

  3. I guess this means no more family mass exodus to Oregon?