Saturday, February 20, 2010

a passion of mine

Many of you know that I do work for a non-profit organization called LiNK (Liberty in North Korea). This time, last year, I was sitting in a film screening that was hosted by LiNK & I found myself yearning to act. After watching footage of the atrocities that are taken place currently in North Korea, & finding out how the world is so blind to the human rights crisis going on there, I knew that I had to do something. I wasn't sure what that "something" was, however I wasn't going to waste anytime trying to figure it out. Within two weeks, I sold my car, moved out of my apartment, sold my belongings, dropped out of school & moved to Torrance, CA where the LiNK HQ's is located. I began training to go on the road as a "LiNK Nomad" for 2 months. Needless to say, my life since then, has been radically changed. And for the better.
My eyes have been opened, & my heart has been drawn to this issue more so than anything else in this life.

I say all of this to you because LiNK has the opportunity to be apart of a contest to WIN $250,000. Pepsi recently created a campaign called the Pepsi Refresh Project where they are giving away money to the groups/ideas that receive the most amount of votes. Only the TOP TWO candidates will receive the $250k! When we entered the contest, we were in 68th place. As of today, we are in 4th place! We have climbed so high due to social networking sites such as facebook, twitter & myspace. People have made videos, put us in blogs & even announced us on the radio. This is so monumental for this organization. By winning this competition, LiNK will be able to provide assistance to North Korean refugees who have not only escaped from their country but who have also been resettled into a country where they are 'free'. We will provide a community for them, where they will learn, be loved, grow & be educated. We are not asking for money, we are not asking for much of your time. All we are asking for are your VOTES. You can vote once a day, EVERYDAY until February 28th. We have been stuck in 4th place for a few days, & we are up against well known organizations. But I have not lost hope. Please, spend the next 8 days broadcasting & promoting this contest. Get creative! Reach out to your school, church, your favorite band, etc. The easiest way to get people to vote is to post it on your facebook or twitter. Educate your friends & family members about this! Remember, every vote counts!

TO VOTE: go EVERYDAY to & from there, you can click VOTE! It takes 5 seconds.

I encourage you to go to our website & watch our media, read our history, & see the results of our organization.
Friends, I wouldn't ask this of you if it wasn't something that I whole-heartily believed in.

I will leave you with this video to watch. It's short! His name is Joseph & he is a North Korean refugee who escaped his country & found our organization. LiNK taught him English, fed him, protected him, educated him & helped him resettle into the USA where he now has freedom, like you & I. Joseph holds a very dear spot in my heart. I have met him & still talk to him. He is a blessing & a miracle. Tell his story.

Joseph:The Underground from LiNK Global on Vimeo.

Heal my heart & make it clean
Open up my eyes to the things unseen
Show me how to love like You have loved me
Break my heart for what breaks yours
Everything I am for Your Kingdom's cause
As I walk from earth into eternity

Keep fighting.

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