Monday, March 21, 2011

"Say Whaaaat?"

"A friend should be one in whose understanding & virtue we can equally confide, & whose opinion we can value at once for its justness and its sincerity."
Robert Hall

There's one girl I know that shares the same love for green iced tea (splenda, please), quotes and a good amount of dirty-southern metal as much as I do. This is one of my dearest friends, Alexandria Rose Negron. Al and I have been friends for years, and over time, I've grown to have such a deep love for this girl. I often find myself thanking God, that she is a sister of mine, whom I can call on at any point in time, and she would truly be there for me.

Anytime spent with Al is guaranteed to bring a smile to my face. I can laugh (a lot), cry (often), and just be plain ol' silly (always) with her, and it is just so great. More than her company bringing me a great time, Al brings me joy, just by looking at her life. She has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know. She has a passion for Jesus, and it really inspires me beyond words. Earlier this year, Al went on a missions trip to India, and I was honored to be a part of the months leading up to her departure. In that time, I saw Al completely give every bit she had to this trip, and being prepared for it. What a concept. Someone actually being genuine in their pursuit of God's plan for them! Al, you really have a beautiful soul.

When I want to pour my heart out to a good friend, I know I can call Al, and she would just sit there and listen. She tends to say anything she can to comfort your soul, and in the end, she'll always offer her little bits of wisdom. This last year of my life, I went through a lot of trials, and I saw Al through all of them. Such a genuine friend. Thank you for those moments, Al.

Al, here is to many more years of great memories and life changing seasons. I am blessed that you have been through so much with me, and I am even more blessed to know that you will be with me through seasons, and seasons to come. I love you, girl.

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