Sunday, April 3, 2011


& It's a pleasure that I keep to sit down with my friends
& talk about my day.
-"Surfaced", The Dangerous Summe

Continuing with this blog series of presenting those in my life who impact me, I give you Megan Leigh Stricklin. Megan is one of those friends who I know no matter what choices I've made in life, all of that is erased when I am sitting in front of her. She is a loyal friend, who looks at the heart and character, more than anything else in a person. When she asks "how are you?", she will not let you get away with saying "good" - she wants to go deeper,
she wants to hear your soul. & I appreciate that.

This last year of my life, I was not the most present friend, and I didn't always have much to offer. Regardless of all of that, Megan still stayed close to me and genuinely cared about my day to day. We spent many moments watching Criminal Minds, eating Albertacos and just driving around listening to good music. She always knows how to get me through a rough moment.

Megan, thank you for always being willing to listen to me. It's hard to come by friends like that, and I am grateful to call you a good friend of mine. We have many, many great memories and I love that we can sit down a reflect on them so often. Here's to making more memories and for many more dance parties, California burritos and Birthday surprises (just kidding!). Love you, girl.

“Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, & stronger than you seem, & smarter than you think."
-Christopher Robin to Pooh

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