Monday, April 4, 2011

North Carolina: 0, California: 1

Don't worry, this is not a blog about how much
I think California is better than North Carolina...
This is a blog about how North Carolina lost a solid human being,
& California gained one.

"A true friend laughs at your jokes when they're not so good, & sympathizes with your problems when they're not so bad."
-Arnold H. Glasgow

I've really enjoyed this blog series, but I've realized that I'd have to spend the rest of my life writing a blog for every person that has impacted me... and I just don't have that kind of time :] So, to end this series, I give you Miss Leah Garrard. Leah and I both work as Regional Managers for the non-profit organization LiNK|Liberty in North Korea. We both came on full-time for LiNK in June 2010, and we've been working side by side ever since. This is the first picture we took together, and my original caption for this was "my partner in crime"; it's still ever so true.

I've had many, many jobs and have usually enjoyed the people I work with. But, Leah instantly became much more than a co-worker to me, she became my friend. I am so grateful to have her by my side, everyday, through all of the difficult moments I've faced being a Regional Manager for LiNK. There have definitely been times where I feel like running out the door, and I turn to Leah and she knows exactly what to say to get me through ten more minutes. I know, without a doubt, if it weren't for Leah, I wouldn't have lasted more than one tour. There is no one else in this world that understands my moment to moment process like her. It's as if we've become one brain, one motion, both fighting the same exhausting, fulfilling battle.

Sometimes I wish there was a camera in our little office, to capture all of our amazing moments. Let me tell you, there are some great ones. Many tears have been shed, and many moments of venting have filled those walls. I can also tell you that I am pretty sure there was one time where we laughed for a week straight. I don't really recall anything funny happening, I am pretty sure it was week 9 of the Fall Tour, which basically means we are beyond delirious. We are a team, we're one unit, and I think if Kim Jong-Il were to ever meet us, he'd run for the door, because we are that tough. Too much? Yeah, probably - well, that's us. More than all of that, Leah listens. She's genuine, intentional and her character screams quality.

So, Leag (no, it's not a typo). Here's to the next nine months...of being co-workers, but many years to come of being friends. Thank you for putting up with me 40 hours a week... and well, you know, like 80 hours a week during tour season... God bless your poor heart. You're great, and I honestly don't tell you enough.

One more thing. Stop what you are doing, and go check out Leah's Etsy Shop. Not only does she fight human injustices, she makes beautiful headbands. Go! Go! & tell your friends!
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  1. i think i just teared up and that is quite a hard thing to make me do. you are one of the highlights of california and make it more of home to me everyday. thank you. see you in 15 minutes...