Monday, May 30, 2011

Time for an Update!

*I posted a different blog a week or so ago, but Blogger was having some technical difficulties and it got deleted, so my apologies for my lack of posts!

This blog is not going to be about a specific quote, lyric, video or theory, simply just an update on life.

As of this last Thursday, the Spring 2011 Tour for LiNK came to a close, and I had to say goodbye farewell to 16 of the most amazing people I've encountered. Seeing Nomad groups come and go so often is definitely one of the hardest parts of my job as a Regional Manager. However, I am excited to see where life takes these nomads, and I hope we all will stay in touch.

& in one week from today, we will be saying 'hello' to a group of summer interns. The cycle really never ends. But, I am excited to meet this group as well!

I love my job, but at times it can be very testing. As a result of this job being so time demanding, stressful and exhausting, LiNK is having Leah and I take a month long sabbatical. Words can't even begin to express how grateful and excited I am for this. It is truly a blessing. The purpose of having this month off is so that we can get rejuvenated, and inspired so that when we come back for the fall tour, we are ready to give it our all. I really think having this time off will help with that.

So, friends, I have June 11th - July 10th OFF.
As of now, I don't have much scheduled, so I am looking forward to just relaxing, and hanging out with all of you! I am also working on creating a mini goal list that I want to accomplish during my sabbatical. I will take any suggestions!

Other random updates:

1. My good friend Sean and I started a music project, we are called "Pilgrims". I am really excited about this! We played our first open mic last week, and had a blast. We just started recording, so I will keep everyone posted on that.

2. This is not so new, but in case people didn't know, I began writing devotionals for a website callled I post every other week, so be sure to check those out and let me know your thoughts!

3. I've been reaching out to some girlfriends of mine to start a local small group and lots of people are interested, so I am really excited to get that started! This last month has been pretty hectic at work, so I couldn't get it started just yet, BUT! ladiesss, expect an email from me soon! :) This is something I've been desiring for a really long time now, so I am beyond ready for it.

I feel like there's more, but I'll leave it at that for now.

Three artists you need to give an ear to:
1. Ivan & Alyosha
2. Mariah McManus
3. The Head and The Heart

Much love!


  1. love it!! but i feel like you should know that the link you posted for the band didnt work :(

  2. Thank you for this update. I look forward to reading your devotional!

  3. @Megan - fixed! Thanks!

    @Albert - Thank you, I'll be awaiting your thoughts :) [I have about 5 that I've already posted, if you want to check those out.]