Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Update on my Sabbatical Goals

In my last post, I wrote out 30 things I wanted to accomplish while on my 30 day Sabbatical from work. This post is an update on my progress so far! I go back to work this Monday, so I hope I can accomplish a few more things off of this list!

1. Finish reading Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist
2. Go on a vacation
3. Swim in the ocean (it's been FOUR years since I have been in the ocean. Time to face my fears!)
4. Go surfing for the first time
5. Go on several bike rides
6. Make a day trip (by train) to LA
7. Learn to celebrate turning 24, rather than dreading it. I want to do something different this year, so let's see how it goes!
8. Write more music
9. Paint. Paint. Paint!
10. Spend time with my niece
11. Perform with Pilgrims [my band] :) open mics, or shows, doesn't matter to me
12. Blog/write more
13. Try a new food/restaurant
14. Read & Study scripture more
15. Find a bathing suit that I love and that 'loves me' - comfortable, and I feel comfortable in
16. Start a new hobby
17. Cook at least one 'good' meal for my friends
18. Take lots of photos
19. Properly take care of my skin. I've definitely slacked on this, time to break that habit!
20. Go on at least a few solo trips/adventures
21. Have a picnic
22. Start (and finish) a DIY project
23. Do something I've never done before (surfing doesn't count)
24. Go on a hike
25. Get a massage
26. Start meeting with new small group (this is finally starting!!)
27. Discover something new about my city [Long Beach, CA]
28. Attend some sort of festival (music, art, etc.)
29. Go to a museum that I've never been to before
30. Go on a brewery tour

This was helpful to do just now, because I totally thought I had accomplished a lot more than I really have! Today I will plan out a few of these items to do over the next few days. I've accepted the fact that I probably won't be able to get through all of them, but the remaining items I can accomplish over the summer!

What are your goals for this summer? Big or small, I'd love to hear them!

So far, this has been such a beautiful summer. I've really grown to love becoming older, even though it was something I was dreading. Now, I've changed my perspective on growing old; instead of complaining about the grey hairs that have been popping up, or how my skin just 'isn't like it used to be', I am more motivated to truly love life and treat it as a God-given gift. So, here's to turning 24 in four days. Bring it on, I'm ready for you.

- - - -

I leave you with this music video by Mike Mains & The Bracnches. I was recently introduced to them by a friend of mine, and I just fell in love immediately. For all you pop, dance and rock lovers, I think you'll find this band to be a great addition to your itunes. Enjoy!

Mike Mains & The Branches - "Stereo"


  1. its nice to see how ppl cope with getting older..i am panicing right now ... i think i just have to get used to it ;)

  2. Hi! I saw your tattoo tuesday feature on Sometimes Sweet and I loved it. Your tattoos are beautiful, I love your meaning behind them, and I really like your blog! Following you. =]


  3. @Sandra - I totally agree! But, I've learned it's all about perspective. If you have the positive mindset, then getting older is a blissful experience, but if you don't, it's the worst thing in the world! Good luck to you, & thanks for following!


  4. @Jamie - Thank you so much for following! I was so excited & honored to see my post featured on Sometimes Sweet. Isn't her blog just the greatest?!