Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Creative Challenge Update Pt. 2

If you have been keeping up with my most recent blog entries, you'll know that I've been working on a 30 Day Creative Challenge. My purpose in doing this creative challenge was to find my inner creative soul again, and stimulate my mind, daily. It has definitely been a challenge so far. Some days are easier than others, and then there are even days where I just can not think of any new creative ideas. Nevertheless, I have only missed one day so far, so clearly it is possible to do something creative everyday!

Here is my second update to this challenge. You can find my first update here. I hope you enjoy these photos and hopefully can be inspired to do your own creative challenge! Remember, you can follow my daily progress on instagram (@brendaabel) and twitter!


Day Five, Thursday 2/16
I created my own headband/hair piece
*Take a thin fabric belt
*Wrap it around your head twice
*Knot it once at the top
*Wrap it around the back & knot it

Day 6, Friday 2/17
I made Egg Toast
*Take a piece of bread & cut a hole in the middle
*Put the stove on low heat, & pour one egg into the hole
*Let it sit for a minute, then flip the toast over carefully
*Let it sit for another minute or so & you're done!

Day 7, Saturday 2/18
I did Becky's makeup

*Let me just say this was a challenge in itself, because Becky is in the beauty field,
so clearly she knows what she is doing, but I was up for the challenge!

 Day 8, Sunday 2/19
I made Sweet Hawaiian Dip for my friend Leah's going away party, 
which was Hawaiian themed, because she is moving to Hawaii!
[Here are the basic steps/ingredients, then you can click on the recipe link for more specifics]
*Mix milk, sour cream & instant vanilla pudding
*Add toasted coconut & can crushed pineapples (undrained)
*Add lime zest & lime juice
*Mix & refrigerate for 30 minutes!
*Serve the dip on a platter with fresh fruits for dipping :)

Day 9, Monday 2/20
I wrote a poem, it's called Ninety Days

Day 10, Tuesday 2/21
I created a blog for my friend, Denise, who is going to be moving to London later this year,
so she wants to capture her journey leading up to it and also while she is there.

& that concludes my update! I am definitely still looking for new creative ideas, so please send them my way! What creative things have you been working on lately? I would love to see your progress, and things that you've created, even if it's not for the 30 day challenge! 

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