Sunday, June 17, 2012

Disposable iPhone Photo App!

My cousin told me about this iPhone app called Disposable last fall, and I only recently got around to downloading it. It's so neat! You basically create a photo file and take 24 pictures like a normal disposable camera. The catch is that you aren't able to see the photos you take until you take all 24 photos. It's the fun and sometimes, not so fun part about this app. But! I still love it. 

So when Jamey and I started dating, I knew that was the first thing I wanted to do with this app. I created a photo file just for us, and it's been super fun using it sporadically, and then seeing all the pictures that we took over the last several weeks or so. 
It's a neat and creative way to document your life.

Here are a few of my favorites from this last month:

Milkshakes at a diner in Orange
(my hair looks SO short here!) 
He warms my heart so much

I love that he takes cheesy bathroom mirror photos with me
(even though this was his idea!)

We recently got Knott's Berry Farm passes, so much fun!
He took me out for a date day & surprised me with my favorite drink:
Venti Green Iced Tea w/ 2 Splendas ;)

We went to a few different record stores on "record store day"
& he bought me my first vinyl - Of Monsters & Men
(I'm a happy lady)

We went exploring on some trails in Mission Viejo - I love bridges!

I honestly find so much peace & joy when my hand is placed in his <3

This is definitely one of my favorite photo apps right now. You can also share photo files with your friends if they have this app, which makes it so much more fun!

Happy picture taking, friends!


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