Sunday, November 11, 2012

on being a bride-to-be

Thursday marked two months of being engaged (whoo-hoo!). It honestly gets more and more exciting each day. We can't wait to be married! Despite a few bumps along the way, we have remained pretty stress free. We were afraid of being buried in piles of stress and to-do lists, but we have managed pretty well so far.

So far these are the things we are able to scratch off our check list:

  • Venue & Date (JUNE 22nd, 2013)
  • Photographer
  • Baker (we are only having desserts)
  • Bridal Party
  • Colors 
  • Honeymoon (Victoria, Canada)
This is all so exciting because it's only been two months and we feel we've made such great progress! Today, I'm going to highlight one of the big things I checked off my to-do list: bridal party. Asking my girls to be in my wedding was a very exciting thing. I wanted to make it meaningful and intentional, so I put a lot of thought and time into making it perfect. I wanted to capture the friendship that I had with each individual girl. I am all about photos and reminiscing, so I definitely knew I wanted to incorporate that. I looked online but I was just not satisfied with a lot of the ideas I saw. Here is an example of the way I asked my friend Alex:
*each of them were the same set-up/structure

I took a thin piece of wood and put adhesive stickers on it-
then I painted directly over it-

after it dried, I peeled off the adhesive stickers-

then I drilled two holes on the top and put twine through them-

I made a book of six photos, making them consecutive oldest to newest-

(The rest is self explanatory...)

Then I wrote a letter explaining how much they meant to me
and why I chose for them to stand up there with me on our special day-

Then I packaged it up and watched them open it! :)

& that is about it! I was so honored that each of my bridesmaids said yes. It's such an exciting, life changing season for me, and I could not imagine going through all of this without them. 

To my beautiful bridesmaids (Becky, Al, Megan, Bea, Nicole & Tran), I can't wait to continue walking through this season with each of you and celebrate like crazy on June 22nd, 2013!!


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  1. Beautiful!! I plan on using cookies to ask my future bridesmaids....if I ever get asked! ;)