Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Loving: working out. I know, I know, me? It's so true though! I mean, it is kind of a love/hate relationship, to be honest. I'm doing my best to stay consistent with my workout routine, as well as paying close attention to what goes in my body. Knowing that Jamey is doing this right alongside me makes me even more motivated & inspired to keep up with it! I've also started journaling about my health (fitness, eating, goals, etc.), this is also keeping me accountable. I guess you could say I am just loving being more healthy!

Reading: this beautifully written & inspiring piece on Choosing Your Own Adventure. I definitely encourage everyone seeking an adventure, or who misses the time of life where we would not be afraid to dream to read it. (While you're there, read more of Darling Magazine's articles. They are a brilliant group of people inspiring & motivating women).

Watching: A R G  O . Seriously, guys. It's an amazing movie. So much so, I've already seen it twice! It was no shock to me that it won Best Picture at the Oscar's. Ben Affleck and the other actors did a phenomenal job. It's well written, based on a true story and it keeps you on edge the entire time. If you haven't yet, GO SEE ARGO!

Anticipating: our honeymoon! It's hard to think about anything but our wedding, but lately when I've been feeling overwhelmed with all the wedding planning, I start looking up things to do for our honeymoon! We are going to Victoria, Canada at the end of June. We will spend a week there, right on the harbor of the island at a timeshare resort (my grandma's gift to us!). It will be so nice to get away with my >>husband<< and to be able to experience a new city... a new country with him!

Listening to: a recent find is The Oh Hello's. I am really liking their self-titled EP, it's perfect background music while I am driving or working.

Planning: a Senior Banquet. I work at Biola University, in the Crowell School of Business, and every spring during graduation, we host a Senior Banquet for the graduates. When I got hired back in August, my boss told me that this would be a huge event and that I'd be planning a lot of it. Now that it is just months away it's becoming more of a reality. Luckily for me, I am in the midst of planning my own wedding so it's helping me when it comes to planning the banquet.

Working on: my/our budget. We just finished our premarital counseling and a huge thing we walked away with was learning about having a financial budget. We are putting that into practice now, which is great, but it's also a learning experience. I am trying to work on my personal budget now so that when we join our accounts, it becomes more natural. With my financial plan and budget, I will be debt free by October/November (minus our new car, of course), and that feels amazingggg! We are going to be using the classic envelope budget method, because that seems to work nicely for us. There is a neat app that helps with that too EEBA.                                                 

Wishing: my hair was longer! I miss it :( but, I am working on growing it out. Last time it was longer, it was so stringy, so now that it's getting thicker and more full, I am hoping that it will keep looking good as it grows out! I am not sure how I will wear my hair for the wedding yet, but I definitely want it to be longer. I recently went to the doctor and she advised me to take prenatal vitamins. She said she advises all her female patients to take them because they have such a great amount of nutrients and vitamins in them. And, on the plus side, they make your hair grow faster and thicker and make your skin glow ;) So, this week I bought a bottle from Trader Joe's. (Especially after reading this article from Mindy Kaling). I've only been taking them for two days now, so we will see how much it helps!


We finished our 6-week premarital course! // I love this view of standing with my sweetheart, always.// 
Celebrating that fine lady in the middle on becoming a bride! // 
I stopped to take this photo becomes something about this view inspired me. 
LA has some surprising good spots 
(I still mostly hate it though)

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