Tuesday, April 2, 2013


loving - that it is April already! Spring seems to be here, and that is a beautiful thing! Plus, I've been looking forward to April arriving for months now. I will be completely busy every weekend this month with my own bridal shower(s) & my friend's showers, but I feel like this month will fly by (in a good way!).

reading - I just ordered Bread & Wine by my favorite author, Shauna Niequist. She is brilliant and her words are so inspiring. I loved her first two books (Cold Tangerines and Bittersweet), and have been looking forward to reading this one! It just got released today, so I am not currently reading it, but you get the point.

watching - Jamey and I just finished watching the Back to the Future trilogy, which was super fun. Now, we are going to start on the Indiana Jones saga (is that what you call it?). I've never seen any of them! We love watching movies together :)

anticipating - this Sunday will be the first bridal shower! It's even more exciting because it's a couples shower, so Jamey and I will both be there! This shower is mainly for family, so it will be so sweet. His mom is hosting the shower for us, so it is even more exciting that we get to have a shower together! 

listening to - lately I've been listening to some old classics from 2003-2007. I guess I've been feeling nostalgic :) The Format, Cartel, The Almost, The Spill Canvas, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday... just to name a few.

planning - we are 82 days away from our wedding, so of course my answer for this will naturally be "our wedding". But, more specifically, this week we are taking care of our wedding favors, our DJ, my passport for our honeymoon, and the details of our rehearsal dinner.

working on - still trying to eat better and work out! I'll be honest, I've definitely fallen short the last week(ish), and normally I'd just give up entirely. But, I am trying to work on following through with my goals, regardless of my failed moments. My ultimate aim is to be healthy and proud of the body I live in. I am on my way there, I just need to keep working on it!

wishing - we would find the perfect little gem to live in. Last week a friend of ours told us about the most ADORABLE little apartment in Downtown Fullerton. We viewed it and fell in love with it. We applied for it, but found out we didn't get it :'( We were so bummed! But, we believe God has the most perfect home just waiting for us... we just need to find it.

Here are a few photos from this last weekend. A few of us went down to San Diego for one of my best friend's weddings! 
It was such a beautiful time of celebration & love.
Congratulations Tranica & Camilo!

Starting the morning off with yummy mimosas!
Cheers to the beautiful bride on her perfect day!

The bride & groom's first kiss 

My best friend & I 

My sweetheart & I exploring the streets of downtown San Diego

I originally got the idea to do a currently post from one of my favorite bloggers, amber beck.

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