Wednesday, October 23, 2013

dating your spouse

A wise person once told me "never stop pursuing the person you love". I remember thinking that was strange to hear at first. Isn't it that you pursue the person you want to be with, 
and then once you're with them, the pursuit is over?
 Since Jamey and I started dating, I discovered that my perspective on the word pursue 
and what it meant to me, changed. 

Pursuing the one you love can be so effortless and come so naturally. But, there are going to be seasons where if you don't plan a date night or actually remind yourself to tell your love how much you appreciate them, you might forget to. In the four months I've been married (trust me, I'm no expert), I've learned that you must be intentional with your pursuit. 
When I married Jamey, I told him that I never want to stop dating each other. 
Getting married doesn't mean that your season of dating is over, 
in fact, it's becomes even more crucial.

We do our best to have a date day/night once a week. We don't set aside any specific day necessarily, we just look at our calendar and see what works best. Sometimes dates look like going out to a movie, or dinner. Other times it means pulling our mattress into our living room and 
cuddling up while we watch The Office for 5 hours straight. 
The best part about dating your spouse is that you get to choose 
what defines a date for you as a couple. 

Jamey and I had been planning a "fall date day" for a couple weeks. We wanted to do a repeat of what we did last year, in hopes of creating a tradition. We went to a really amazing pumpkin patch in Irvine called Tanaka Farms. It was so fun to be on an actual farm where we could pick out a pumpkin! They also had a corn maze, and places where you could pick your own veggies! 
This place had it all. We spent time walking around enjoying the atmosphere, 
and of course searching for the perfect pumpkins! 

I'm crazy about him.

After the pumpkin patch, we headed home to carve them and watch a classic horror film. 
We ended up watching Halloween (the 6th one). Even though it's older, 
it still gave me the creeps and I had to close my eyes a lot! Eeek!
It was by far the best day of the fall for me. I love my husband, and I love dating him. Like I said earlier, pursuing someone means you have to be intentional. We are not perfect, so we have to make efforts in our relationships. I never want to look back at my marriage with Jamey and wish we went on more dates, or wish that I had told him how much I loved him. 

I'd love to hear how you pursue the one you love! Do you still date your significant other?


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