Friday, November 1, 2013

proud wife

One of the first things that attracted me to Jamey was his passion for music. I would go to all of his shows and watch him rock out on stage (what a babe!) and sing his heart out. Something amazing would happen to him whenever he stepped on a stage. I could just tell that he was in his element, 
and he was exactly where he needed to be.

A couple years ago, Jamey decided to put aside music, pursue a serious relationship with me and get a full time job. This was great for a season, because it allowed us to spend so much time together, and to save money. He proposed, we got married, moved into the sweetest little back house... 
our dreams were coming true for us! 

But, Jamey is a musician, and he is a darn good one (no bias). I've spent the last year watching him battle with putting music aside to pursue what seems to be the "responsible" choice. He decided to start picking up his guitar again, and began writing music with one of his friends. The songs started piling up, and I could see a joy in his eyes again. It has been so encouraging to watch Jamey come home after a long day of work and spend hours writing, recording, demoing, etc., 
all because he has a dream.

I've always been proud to be Jamey's wife. This week especially though, I was incredibly proud of him. His band has been promoting the date 10/29/13 for the last two weeks. Friends and fans have been getting excited and eager to know what was going to be revealed on this date. On Tuesday (10/29), they released a video that had a three song teaser and with some clips of the recording process. They also released a new website, new band photos and 
even dates/locations for a tour this winter. They've received such a great response so far, 
and I know he is so motivated by that.

Jamey (left), Chad (right)

There are lots of exciting opportunities in this next season, 
and I am eager to see where God leads this. 

Jamey, I am so proud of you. I'm proud that you never gave up on your dream, and that you are putting in so much effort to pursue the gifts that God's given you. 
I love you immensely, and I will always support you. 
To the moon, babe.



  1. first of all, your profile picture is SO pretty. i can never get over it whenever i come visit your blog.

    second of all, you are the cutest wife. how lucky Jamey is to have a wife who supports him and encourages him to pursue his dream, even if some may not deem it "responsible." there is nothing better than being able to do the things your heart longs for.

    third, i saw your comment on Instagram (about being a fan of Sleep for Sleepers), but i didn't want to bombard their feed with my response comment! i just wanted to tell you a story about that!: basically, a couple years ago, when Sleep for Sleepers was on tour, they played a gig in northern California, where my brother's band was also playing. that was when i heard them for the first time. i didn't get a chance to pick up their CD because i was working the merch table for my brother's band. but after the gig, i went straight home and bought their The Clearing album on iTunes. quite a few months later, after i moved down to Orange County, i saw that Sleep for Sleepers was doing a little show at that church in Whittier, and i HAD to go. their music had literally not left my CD player since i bought it. so, i went by myself, which was really intimidating, especially because it was at that tiny little church, and everybody seemed to know everybody. but that was where i found about you, my dear! i saw you play a couple songs on the guitar and piano, and you were incredible. i even mentioned you in a blog post i wrote about the show.

    only within the last year did i stumble upon your name again, and i Googled you to look for your music. and lo and behold, the first thing that comes up on Google is this blog:) so, yes, this world is very small, but a little stalking helps even more;) no, but seriously: that show in Whittier was one of the most life-changing musical experiences i've ever had; it made such a huge impression on my heart.

    so, long story short: that's how my love for Sleep for Sleepers connected me to you through the blogging world! and i'm so glad Sleep for Sleepers is coming back because their lyrics in the past have been so good for my heart. and i'm so glad i was able to find your blog because of them:) it's been a blessing to my heart, as well.

    hope you're having a lovely Sunday, Brenda!

  2. Aw, thank you so much! It was taken while I was getting ready for our wedding :)

    Wow, what a small world this is! It brings me joy to know that you are a fan of Jamey's music. He is incredibly talented and I love to hear that others appreciate his music as much as I do.

    What was the name of your brother's band, I wonder if Jamey will remember! Are you originally from northern California?

    I think it's so neat that you came to that acoustic show by yourself! I read the blog you posted about it, and I was just cracking up. I totally remember saying how much I was messing up. I tend to do that anytime I perform... haha!

    This is really a great story, thanks for sharing it with me! I hope you're doing well and continuing to find purpose in this season.