Thursday, January 2, 2014

dear twenty thirteen

Dear 2013,

You brought me so much joy and excitement. You were filled with many intense days of planning and preparation for the most significant day of my life. You gave me rest and you gave me exhaustion. You reminded me that although I am not a perfect person, there is someone who loves me more than his own life. You showed me that an honest, loyal and faithful marriage is possible. You gave me opportunities, and you helped me to better my character. You helped me to revisit my past and take steps towards a promising future. You were the year that allowed me to become debt-free, for the first time in my adult life. You opened doors for me to travel with my favorite people, and experience new horizons. You instilled in me more desires and passions. You taught me that God is much bigger than a church building, or a simplistic worship song. You taught me grace. You revealed to me the importance of community. You gave me a chance to embrace optimism in the midst of a rather negative world. You reminded me that I am loved, blessed and capable. 

2013 you were a fabulous and exciting year, thank you for exceeding my expectations.

January - December 2013

Dear 2014,

Here's to a new chapter, and a new year. I am confident that you will continue to grow and change me, for the better. I welcome you with open and anxious arms. I am excited to observe how far you will stretch me, and what doors you will guide me through. I have a inkling that you will not let me stand still, but instead you will keep me on edge, and on the very tips of my toes. 

Here's to a new adventure, a new season & a new year.


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