Monday, February 24, 2014

my dream job

After I graduated from high school, I went straight to Bible College. I lasted a whopping 30 days. I could get into all the nitty gritty details, but I'll spare you; it just was not a good fit for me. I decided to work full-time, save money and move out. I enrolled in the local community college the following semester. I went to college because I thought I had to. I didn't necessarily want to go. I wanted to learn, and I wanted to become successful, but I honestly dreaded going to college. All the times I was in school, I never felt like I was where I was supposed to be. I battled with thinking I was a failure for not wanting to fully commit to college, and I feared what others would think of me. 
It took me attempting college five times until I finally realized, it's just not for me.

I withdrew from school, and came to grips with the fact that I needed to find a different direction in life. I started interning for a non-profit organization, which ended up leading me to a full-time position as a Regional Manager for the organization. During my time at LiNK, I felt I had found my purpose. In a sense, I viewed my season with them as my "college" experience. I learned an immense amount of information and walked away with great work experience. When it came time to leave LiNK, I found myself back at square one. I thought for sure I'd land a great job, considering all the experience I had gained. After six moths of being on unemployment, I finally found a job as an Administrative Assistant for a University. I was so, so happy! I've been at this job now for a little over a year & a half, and I love it. I love my routine, I love the people I work with, and the benefits are amazing. 
But, it's not my dream job.

I was just talking with my husband this weekend, and saying how proud I am of a few of our friends. They are working so hard to achieve their dream job. And for a lot of them, they are already in their dream job! I am inspired by the hard work they've put in to achieve their dreams. I made a comment to him saying, "and then there's me… what am I doing?". I love my husband for many, many reasons, but especially because of the ways he encourages me. Although he knew the answer, he still asked me, "Babe, what is your dream job?"I replied, "to be a stay at home mom"

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That is my dream job. I say it proudly, and with confidence. I want to be a stay at home mom! Just as much as my friends may feel deeply called to be a hair stylist, a music producer, a therapist, a business professional, a nurse, etc… I feel deeply called to be a stay at home mom. 

So, now what? I started to put it into perspective. No, I'm not ready to be a mom, just yet. But when the time does come, I want to be as ready as I can be. I know that you can't possibly be 100% prepared for motherhood, but I believe there are several things I can do to get started. This is where I'm currently at. I am trying to utilize the time that I have while I am still child-free to better myself when that season comes. 

Maybe my dream job isn't so typical, or even revered by some… I could careless about any of those things. I have a deep respect for women who feel the calling to be a stay at home mom, and who commit to it. Don't get me wrong -- I have respect for any mom out there, who puts their family first, and does what's best for them (which might mean not staying at home). I just know that for me, and my family, this is what will be best for us, because this is what I'm called to. I'm incredibly grateful for a husband who not only supports this calling of mine, but also believes wholeheartedly in it as well.

That's my dream job, what is yours, and how are you working towards fulfilling it?


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