Wednesday, July 2, 2014

one year down, a lifetime to go

photo credit: sarah shreves

A week and a half ago, Jamey and I celebrated ONE year of marriage. We heard a lot of things about the first year of marriage. One thing being that it would fly by, and another that it would be the hardest year. One was true, and the other could not be further from the truth. 

Time most definitely flew by for us. It feels like it was yesterday, that I was sitting in my old living room with my closes ladies, getting ready for our big day. I vividly remember being oddly calm and content, just ready for our special day to take place. One year later, here we are. I love reflecting back on this past year, and all of the memories and sweet moments we've made together, as husband & wife. I'm kicking myself for not posting more blogs about those moments, because I know one day my memory won't be as strong, and those special times will soon fade away. But alas, here I am now, making the effort! 

We were graciously gifted with a week-long stay in San Francisco by my wonderful Grandma. We spent the first week of June roaming the city streets of SF and exploring together. It was a wonderful week of getting away and being on a much needed vacation, but most importantly, celebrating our love together. 

[a few snapshots from our trip to san francisco]

On our actual anniversary (June 22nd),  we spent the entire day together, doing some of the things we love. We started the morning off in Long Beach (one of our favorite cities, which holds so many of our first memories together), and got breakfast at our favorite diner, Long Beach Cafe. This is also where we had our first impromptu "date". Oh, and if you ever go there, do yourself a favor and order the Cinnamon Pancakes... to die for! After that, we just drove aimlessly around the city and then started to make our way back home. We spent the afternoon being lazy together  and watching back-to-back episodes of Friends. W
e got all dolled up, and went out to a restaurant called Stubrik's, in Downtown Fullerton. We rarely spend a lot of money on going out to eat, but for this special occasion we definitely knew it was necessary! (Plus, we had a gift card from my best friend, so it was a no-brainer!). The dinner was delicious, and the atmosphere had a really neat vibe. 

anniversary date at stubrik's in fullerton

My favorite part of dinner was that we shared our reflections on our first year of marriage, and then we shared our goals for year two. We kept our goals to a minimum, and then we asked how we could encourage the other person in accomplishing those goals. I loved that. I love that I have the honor of living and sharing this life with Jamey. He is the best gift I could ever ask for, and he is a constant reminder of grace & unconditional love.

The first year of marriage could be described in so many words..."hard" is not one of them. 

Here's to year TWO, and to many, many more after that.



  1. Thanks Christen! I love seeing all of your summer adventure! I hope your internship is going well!