Wednesday, March 17, 2010

oh, the open road...

how you make me anxious...

it's been a while; my condolences.
as of lately, i am still unemployed - minus the job i work on Sunday mornings, which i love. it's an awesome experience working in children's ministry. i never thought i would enjoy it, but it's a humbling experience & it takes me back to youth ministry...just these kids are a lot smaller, haha. it also is a self esteem booster! not working is really hard on me because it's all i've ever known. of course, it is nice most of the time, but overall, it is trying on my character.
i am looking forward to going on tour for LiNK again ( i don't know if i mentioned that in my last blog ) . i leave in the beginning of april for a few weeks, to tour the south. once i get home from that, i will begin searching hardcore for a job again. i know the Lord will provide something for me, i just need to be persistent as well as patient. there is still talk of doing a band tour this summer, i'm just continuing to surrender that plan to God & see where He leads us....

lately i've been able to hang around some good people. meeting up with old friends is always really refreshing. the past two days i got to spend time with a close family to me, the smiths & their little ones. it was really great hearing how they are doing as a family & also get their advice on my life, i can always use that! they are just one of many that i've been able to meet up with these past few weeks. i just am in awe of how God works sometimes. i swear, when you're down & you feel you are on your last thread, He brings a boost of sunshine in your life. speaking of sunshine, how about our so cal weather lately?! aw, so so beautiful! alex & i rode bikes the other day & that was so great. we are going again tomorrow!
i really want to keep active. too young NOT to ya know?

all in all, i am really excited to see what is next for me. i have NO idea. i am thinking about cosmetology school, because i like that field & i thnk i would be good at it. also, by being licensed, it would allow me to be more flexible in the things i am truly passionate about : ministry, non profit work, artist relations work & music. so i feel it might be a smart move on my part, but it's in my prayers.
i'm trying to save the little i am making right now from unemployment. it's hard because it really isn't too much. but i know i will need a car very soon (the one i've been borrowing, i have to give back to my friend in a month or so!) *if you know of anyone selling a CHEAP, reliable car, let me know!!*

God is so good to me. He really is showing His love for me through the people around me, & even in the midst of hardship, He carries us through. Such a faithful God!

my heart is still heavy, but He knows where I am at. my hopes are set high, but i am trying to not let them consume me or get the best of me, but that is just the honest truth.

My heart is filled with songs of forever,
the city that endures when all is made new.
I know I don't belong here,
I'll never call this place my home,
I'm just passing through.

keep fighting the Good Fight.

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