Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yes, I'm Still Alive

It's been over a month since I last blogged. This usually happens when I go into "tour season" at work.
This will be short.
I'm alive, happy, strong & determined.
God is great, I am learning a ton about myself, my passion(s) and who I am aiming to become.
I plan on getting back into writing often, so your patience and grace is appreciated.
Much love to all of you,
Smile, there's always something to be happy about. <3


  1. Found you through Sometimes Sweet's Tattoo Tuesday post. You are mighty cute and your reason for writing is in line with my own feelings about writing. And I think it's super cool that you work for a non-profit organization. That's something I've been thinking a lot about lately; perhaps starting my own :)

    Anyway, love the tats. I too want many more, especially a sleeve!

    Hope to see more posts from you soon,

  2. @J.Lynn - Thank you for your comment, you're too sweet! Isn't Danyelle's blog the greatest?

    I just browsed your blog, and I admire how healthy you are! That is something I truly want to work on. What kind of non-profit would you be interested in going into, or starting?

    I will start following you!


  3. Oh yes, I love reading her posts.

    I'll tell you, being healthy all the time is definitely hard work, especially when life gets a little busy. I'm just now starting to find a balance that I'm comfortable with.

    I haven't really thought of what kind of non-profit to be apart of; some causes I feel deeply passionate about are world hunger, human trafficking, and education. So I've thought of Feed America as a start, or Not For Sale. I guess I really just need to start researching a little more; I have no clue where to start! :)

    Recently, I had an idea about starting a non-profit organization geared towards rehabilitating drug/alcohol addicts, the depressed, and the overweight, because I feel like they could all be treated by the same things.

    How did you get started in a non-profit organization?


  4. @J.Lynn -

    That is great that you have a passion for the "needy", I think that is a rare characteristic to have within our generation, so don't lose that!

    My mom actually works for a non-profit as well, it is called SPIN (Serving People In Need) and they strive to bring homeless off the streets and into a stable environment. My mom actually is a drug and alcohol counselor for the homeless that are also addicts. It's a wonderful thing to see people completely turn their life around. Sometimes people just need a little help to get things started!

    I got involved with the non profit I work for (LiNK) a few years ago, when they came to my church to do a film screening. I was floored to find out about the human rights crisis in North Korea, and I was shocked that I had never heard about it before. I began traveling for LiNK, touring around the US sharing a film about these human rights violations and giving presentations to educate people. It was an amazing experience!

    Sorry, that was a mouthful! If you ever have any questions about the non profit field, feel free to ask me! Also, if you're curious about what LiNK is doing, you can go to our website: www.linkglobal.org

    Thanks again for reading, have a great night!

  5. your blog is so lovely and inspiring. You seem to work so hard for the things you believe in. xx

  6. @fashionsastranger Thank you so much, I really appreciate the comment! May I ask how you found my blog? I am always curious!

    I just browsed through yours! I love your outfits, super creative and cute!