Saturday, October 22, 2011


"Change and growth take place when a person has risked himself and dares to become involved with experimenting with his own life." 

                                                       -Herbert Otto

I have approximately 2 months left until my contract with LiNK comes to an end. It's something that I've known was coming for quite some time now, but more now than ever before, I've realized how much of a bittersweet time this will be. I am really looking forward to wrapping up this "chapter" of my life, as hard as it might be, and seeing what God has in store for me.

The most popular question people ask me is, "what's next?". I wish I knew that answer, but I honestly have no idea. I am beginning to do some research into a few different fields that I'm interested in, as well as starting to think about several different scenarios and options for what January could look like for me. I think it's important that I keep an open mind throughout all of this. I want to be able to allow God to lead me where He wants. Following His will is so much better than doing what I want. As much as this has taken me a long time to realize, I am so blessed to have realized this now.

This quote really represents the season of life I am in right now. I am ready to dive in to the unknown, and to risk it all, even if it's just for the growing experience.

Although I am looking forward and beginning to plan for "what's next", I don't want to lose sight of where I am right now. I still have two months left with LiNK, and there is still lots of work to be done. I am beyond grateful for the experience I've had with LiNK so far, so I definitely want to stay connected and stay present. Here are the few things I will be focussing on in the next two months:

- Remain available for the Nomads that I am managing. I want to make sure that although I am going through some transitions, that they still have a manager who is available for them.
- Continue to give 110% everyday that I am at work.
- Not take the amazing, inspiring people I work with for granted. Never have I ever worked with such great individuals who have all sacrificed so much to do the work they do. I know this will be something so hard to let go of once I leave.
- Be a servant and a friend to those around me. I still have so much to give, and I want to leave LiNK knowing that I've given all that I have to give.
- Not leave with any regrets, or "I wish I would have's"

I hope that you all love where you work, and love what you do. For me, this is my 15th job, and so far it's the only one that has truly mattered to my heart. Figuring out what you're passionate about, and then finding a job that allows you to pursue that passion, is one of the biggest gifts in life. If you don't have that yet, don't stop searching for it; don't compromise. If you do have this, don't let it get old; don't take it for granted. What you're passionate about is what defines your "good fight" - this is what life is truly about.

Keep Fighting the Good Fight,

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  1. Panda, you're truly a blessing to not only me but all of us @ LiNK. It seriously would've been VERY different (in a bad way) without you. The fact that you truly care about the people you work for and with is admirable. I'm glad I have such a wonderful woman to work with and learn from. You have such a genuine & sweet heart and I adore you! Much love.