Monday, December 5, 2011

18 More Days

"Though our bills were only barely met,
our hearts were plenty whole.
When everything around us changed, we felt okay.
No learning curve could ever bend us too far out of shape.
When darkness was the price of light, we weren't afraid.
For the time we've spent was more than worth
any interest that we've paid."
Sleeping At Last, "Learning Curve"

18 more days. 

In 18 days, I will be out of a job. I will not have an income, and I won't have to commute to Torrance Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. I won't have a reason to set my alarm in the morning, and I won't have to think of what I want to bring for lunch. I won't have to make a "to-do list" to keep me on task. I won't have a deadline to meet, and I won't have to have Google Calendar alerts pop up on my phone reminding me of a meeting I have. I won't have to have my phone glued to my side just in case a Nomad calls or texts me in an emergency. I won't have to live each day hoping and praying that my Nomads are safe while they are out on the road. In 18 days, I will no longer have any of these things. 

But, it is so much more than that to me.

In 18 days, I will lose a huge part of my life, and I will be saying farewell to my family. I will have to let go of something I have committed the last year and half, 24/7 to. Most people don't understand it, as much as they try to. My "job" as a Regional Manager is something that provides an income and a title, but neither of those things mean as much to me as what my job entails. In 18 days, I have to say goodbye to my passion.

How many people can say they truly love their job? I know that prior to working full-time for LiNK, I could never truly say this. Never have I ever loved something so much, that even in the midst of wanting to throw in the towel, my love for what I do gave me the strength to push through. 

18 more days until I say goodbye to a movement that impacted my life more than I ever thought or imagined.

To anyone I have ever met through, worked with, managed, walk alongside during my time at LiNK, thank you. Thank you for giving me so much motivation to walk through this world with the hope that change can happen, and it only takes a group of passionate individuals who are dedicated to seeing good overpower evil. It is because of you that I am able to say in 18 days I will walk out those doors with confidence and pride of where I came from. I will be so honored to explain to my future employer who LiNK is, and the work that I had the privilege to do.

Although I will no longer be employed at LiNK in 18 days, I will still fight for the freedom of the North Korean people, and I will continue fighting for love to overcome hate, and I will continue to Fight the Good Fight

Here's to the next 18 days, 


  1. What a beautiful beginning to a season of reflection upon all that has occurred in your life this past season Bren. Thank for sharing your heart, most importantly thanks sharing you genuine passion for LINK, which is so much more than simply a "job, income, and title."

  2. @Meleca - thank you so much for your encouraging words. You are so sweet and I love you dearly. Hope you're well, sister! xoxo

  3. If you're trying to make me cry, its working. It's been an honor working with you girls❤

  4. @Kira - You are so amazing. Seriously, the honor was all ours. You've been a great co worker and friend. Thank you.

  5. Brendaaa! I'm so, so proud of how you have so passionately dedicated this past period of your life to working for LiNK and helping the North Korean people. I'm going to be so sad to see you go but I'm so excited for whatever comes next for you. Thanks for being such a huge inspiration and role model to me! See you next week!

  6. @Andrew - You're wonderful, thank you for your kind words. You have been a wonderful Nomad, so thank you for that!! :)

  7. Your words are always so beautifully written. Although bittersweet, I'm excited for this new season in your life. So excited for you! God is going to use you in powerful, wonderful ways! Eek!

  8. @Sharon - Thank you so much! I am blessed to experience this with you and your class of nomads <3