Saturday, March 3, 2012

Creative Challenge Update Pt. 3

& so the Creative Challenge continues! Well, sort of. This week I have missed three days already. I really don't even know how I did. I have been in a few interviews for a potential new job (fingers crossed!) so that has taken up a lot of my time, but still. I am starting back up today! Originally I wanted it to be a 30 (consecutive) day challenge, but now since I've missed several days already, I am just going to keep it up until I've reached my 30th Creative Challenge. 

Here are the last few challenges I've done:

Day 11 
I started to write a new song (piano & lyrics)

Day 12
For my friend's birthday party it was Medieval Fantasy themed. 
I dressed up as a warrior princess/Katniss of some sort. 
I made my costume and bow & arrow; sharpened sticks and all!

Day 13
My sister taught me how to make a crepe! 
It may seem like an easy task, 
but I am not gifted in the area of cooking, 
but I'm learning! :)

Day 14
I curled my hair with a flat iron & since that is something I do normally, 
I decided to kick it up a notch & do a middle part - something I never do.
*Let your hair dry naturally (add product, if needed)
*Curl your hair with a straightener
*Run your fingers through your hair after "curling" it so it doesn't look too fancy or done up
*Straighten the ends of your waves so your hair looks more natural & longer ;)
Final Product: Before & After
*If you're like me & you're deathly afraid of the dreaded "middle part", try this first. It's a good compromise and you'll still feel like yourself. 

Day 15
I was babysitting/watching two little girls & we made (mud) cookies, rode scooters, 
went on swings & drew with chalk
Using chalk definitely felt creative and it honestly made me feel like a child again, 
I highly encourage drawing with some chalk in your near future!
(Brooke, I thought of you when I did this because of your friend's creative challenge 
when she talked about chalk!)

& that is all I have for now! I am going to try really hard this week to not miss any days. I am starting to run out of creative ideas, so let me know if you have any suggestions for things for me to try!

Happy Saturday, everyone! I need to get out in this beautiful sunshine. Gotta love Sunny Southern California :)



  1. Love it! Thanks for another blog shout out. :) I did creative challenges with my students last year, and we did a whole piece of art work with sidewalk chalk to inspire others on campus. It was super fun!

    I actually finally started filming little clips for my film! :) I just want you to know that you are inspiring me with your creativity.

    Often times, I feel like I have no creative talent, but I am letting myself just enjoy the process of creating, even though I don't know what I am doing most of the time. :)

    1. I am glad you started filming little clips! I can't wait to see your mini video :)
      I am humbled by your kind words, Brooke! I am also inspired by others' creativity, so if my creativity can spark inspiration in others, then I've done my job!

      I think your idea of creating is beautiful. Just create! It doesn't matter the outcome. I am pretty sure if I always worried about the outcome of the things I created, I wouldn't create anything anymore. The process is the best part, never the result.


  2. you are doing an awesome job on your goal! i love the things you came up with - and it seems like you haven't had to go WAY out of your way, but have been able to fit it all together with your day to day life, which is kind of great, i think, because they are very..YOU.

    so, i don't mean to be lazy here, and would just tell you some ideas i have, but i know an easier and quicker way, and it is this: ... my crafty inspiration pinboard. everything i have pinned there is either something i have tried and loved, or REALLY really want to do. so. i suggest maybe looking there!

    also, one of my favorite hobbies is painting wallets/purses. go to goodwill or some other second hand store, buy a super cheap wallet, that may or may not be cute. then, get yourself some acrylic paint, and paint the wallet any old way you desire - i like adding poetry or quotes on to them - and then when that dries, paint over it with mod podge, so that the paint doesn't chip. and voila! custom wallet. it's very fun :]

    ooh and good luck with those interviews! fingers crossed.

    1. Thanks for the support, Kalie!! I love that although we've never met, I feel like I know you! :) Oh, the Blogging world.

      I am definitely going to check out your pinterest acct. I am a little slower to the pinterest community, so you;ll have to excuse my ignorance. & Your idea to paint wallets and purses, ummm genius! I love that! It sounds awesome.