Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I'm Sore...

... & I am happy about it.

Since my last post, I've kept up a pretty decent work out routine. I've also been eating A LOT healthier. After putting so much effort (and sweat) into working out, it definitely makes me think twice about what I eat (or drink). I decided if I was really going to put 110% into this that I'd need to cut out soda completely. My goal is one month, and then I'll see where I'm at after that, and maybe keep it up but allow myself one a week. Giving up soda is really difficult for me, I just love it way too much.

Like I mentioned in my last post, I started desiring a healthier lifestyle recently because I've been observing a few of my close friends really commit to getting healthy. This is one bandwagon I am glad I jumped on! I also signed up for a free account with My Fitness Pal (it's also an app!). You're able to document what you eat and also your exercise for the day. It will give you a set calorie goal amount for the day determined by your age, height and weight. The best part is that you can add friends and you're able to comment on each other's pages and stuff. Pretty neat, especially if you're looking for accountability. It's also teaching me a lot about the foods I eat. I've never been one to pay attention to calories, or nutrition facts. I am amazed and how many calories are some foods!!

My work out routine is 2 days on, 1 day off, 3 days on, 1 day off. So far it's been going really great! I will say, I am looking forward to tomorrow being my day off. I am pretty worn out.

Today was super special, because I was able to spend the majority of today with Jamey. We went and sat on the rocks in Dana Point and just talked about life, and our life together. I absolutely love that about our relationship. We are able to talk about anything, and I love how much I walk away being so encouraged and excited too! Afterwards, we came back to my place and watched Dirty Dancing (he'd never seen it before), then my sister made us all turkey burgers (so good!) and then after that I said I wanted to work out. I didn't expect that he'd come with me, but he did! That is why today was so special. He is much healthier than I am, which I like, because he motivates me. He's come a long way with his health and so he is able to encourage me in this time. He is also eating better and working out more too! I loved working out with him. It felt silly at times, but it was definitely the push I needed to get through it.

He's my favorite.

Enjoying our view & our time together on the rocks

Working hard my with my love!
(We did not plan to match, haha)

Here is a peek into some of the artists that I listen to while working out:
Jimmy Eat World
Local Natives

& that about sums up the last couple of days! I hope you're all enjoying this week! If you have any healthy tips or advice, please send them my way!



  1. Yey for Jimmy Eat World!
    And you two look so cute all accidently matched for working out haha :) x

    1. They always get me pumped, such a great band!
      & thank you :)