Thursday, May 31, 2012

Let the Good Times Roll

This past week has been great. I finally started training at California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) and I am on the floor as a server (again). I went through three days, back to back of training and then did a few shadow shifts, and now I am on my own. It's crazy how much it really is like riding a bike; everything just came back to me. Even though serving was not where I imagined myself post LiNK, I am still grateful for this job. I am excited to be making money again, and finally being able to save so I can MOVE OUT!

My friend Meleca has been so hospitable to Becky and I. We have been staying at her home in La Mirada. It has been such a blessing because it is saving me on gas and time. God is truly providing for me in the most unique ways lately! Plus, it's been nice being around Becky more and getting caught up with Mel too! I can't complain either because Jamey is only a few minutes away from here :) and then work is right up the road as well. Win-win!

Life has truly been smiling on me lately, and I am loving it. Summer is approaching, and that makes me one happy camper. Give me sunshine, or give me death, that's what I say!


Here are a few things that have been making my heart smile lately:


Water - I gave up drinking soda for a month and since then, water has been a good friend to me.
Jamey - He is such a joy to me and I can't get enough of him!
Becky - I have been so happy spending so much time with my best friend lately!
Spontaneity - I realize I am only getting older, but being spontaneous and adventurous should not be put to an end because of that. I am learning to embrace this more. In this case, it was an aimless drive filled with some random adventures, and singing of course.

I am looking forward to seeing The Head & The Heart on Monday with my Love! I can't waittttt!
[Brooke, I am stoked to see you and Matt too!!]

What are you looking forward to for this week?!


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