Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas & Engagement

This Christmas was the by far the best one I have ever had. I've always dreamed of the day that I'd be able to celebrate with the person I love, and have to divide our time up between our families for the holidays. It sounds stressful, but it really isn't. I think it's a beautiful image -- two people in love starting their own family, then celebrating with each other's family. I love it so much!

Since this was our first time doing that for Christmas, it made it even more special. I love my family, and I love his. We all celebrate Christmas differently, but I loved everyone's different traditions. It will be even more special next year when Jamey & I get to start our own traditions as a married couple. There's really nothing better.

Top Left: My cousins & I
Top Right: The Price's & I
Bottom: Jamey & I 

Another amazing part of this season is that Jamey & I have December 22nd-January 2nd off from work. Biola is such a great place to work, and the best part is our time off is paid! Such a blessing. Because of this time off, we have been able to get things done that we've been putting off and also spend quality time together. There are so many times when our time spent together is rushed, or cut short. Anytime with Jamey, makes me happier and more full. But, it's just so much better when there's no time schedule or interruptions. I just love him so much, what can I say!?

We were able to do our official Engagement Photo Shoot with our  >>incredible<< wedding photographer, Sarah Shreves. Gah! She is seriously amazing. Having spent the afternoon with her was just a glimpse into our big day. We could not have chosen a better photographer to share our special day with. Here's a preview of some of our favorites. Check out her site for more. Thanks Sarah!!

At our favorite record store in Long Beach, CA [Fingerprints]

Some random house in Naples -- Belmont Shore, CA

Near the spot where we had our first kiss  // Downtown Long Beach, CA

That's all for now! I am so looking forward to celebrating New Year's Eve with my closest loved ones. Ringing in the new year with great company, great visions for 2013 & great drinks. Could I ask for more?

I   a m    b l e s s e d .


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