Wednesday, February 13, 2013

1 2 8.

1 2 8   m o r e  d a y s  ||

I haven't written much about being engaged. It's absolutely amazing to me how fast time goes by. It feels like just yesterday Jamey was getting down on one knee asking me to be his bride. And now, we are only  one  hundred  twenty-eight  days away from starting our lives together as husband & wife. There are moments where it seems years away, and then moments where I feel there won't be enough time to get everything done! But through it all, each day, I have fallen more in love with Jamey than ever before.

We've been able to get a lot done for the wedding, which I am really happy about! We're staying organized and detailed, and we have a plan for just about everything! I have never been OCD about anything, but when it comes to really important events, I thrive off being organized. I created a wedding binder to keep all of our lists, contracts, ideas, etc. all in one place, separated by categories. I was so excited to show Jamey, and he said, "I didn't realize I was marrying Monica (from Friends)". I laughed so hard. It's really not like me, but I care so much about making this day, our day, so special.

One of my favorite things about being engaged, has been our premarital class. We are doing premarital counseling in a less traditional way. RockHarbor Church hosts a premarital class twice a year, and around 100 couples go to the class. We have both grown so much since taking this class, and I can already see the fruits within our relationship. It's taught us to communicate better and to understand each other more. We only have two more classes left, and to be honest, I think I will miss it! But, I know we will take the tools we've learned in class with us for the future.

Taken at our friend's wedding, 
shortly before we became engaged.

As I write this post on Valentine's Eve Day, I am humbled by how blessed I really am. I've spent many Valentine's Day solo, and have made the most of them. But, deep inside of me, I was always aching to love & be loved for forever. Now, I have found him. Jamey has my heart, and I am so glad I have his.

For those of you who are flying solo this Valentine's Day, have heart, love will find you soon enough & your story will be so perfect. For those of you who are sharing tomorrow with your love, embrace them & remind them that they make your life that much sweeter.


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