Tuesday, February 19, 2013

c u r r e n t l y

so many of my favorite bloggers do "currently" posts, so I felt inspired to join in!

Loving: all of the exciting events filling up my calendar! So many of my friends are getting married & I am looking forward to all of the showers and parties. Love is most certainly in the air!

Reading: [no time for books] more like, wedding magazines, wedding blogs, pinterest & a frequent word of encouragement from Darling Magazine.

Watching: The Biggest Loser, Whitney & Up All Night -- these are my definite go to shows right now.

Anticipating: the biggest day of my life... 122 more days until I marry my best friend. Our wedding day takes up close to half of my brain space, if not more. But more than just having the biggest party of our lives, I am so excited to start a new chapter with Jamey. There's so much ahead of us!

Listening to: Some go-to favorites right now - David Ramirez, Good Old War & Margot and The Nuclear So & So's.

Planning: two of my best friends are getting married before me, so in the midst of planning our own wedding, I am dedicating time to helping with theirs as well. I love investing in these women, and knowing that I can play a role in helping their special day be just what they hoped brings me such joy.

Working on: being the best version of me. Cheesy? Of course. It's been my goal to be healthy for quite some time now, but I've just lacked the motivation to do it. Having a wedding, & more specifically a custom wedding dress that I want to look my utmost best in, is definitely giving me the drive I need. But beyond working on being physically fit, I want to make sure that I am healthy as a whole. Which is why I made a doctor's appointment for tomorrow (my first time in yearssss)                                                       

Wishing: i knew where Jamey & I wer going to live. It can be such an exhausting process, in the midst of planning our own wedding, we have to figure out where we are going to live. We've narrowed it down to either Fullerton or Long Beach. Either of them would be amazing, we just need to wait & see as it gets closer!

Celebrating Jamey passing his motorcycle exam// Part of his Valentine's gift [handmade roses & a vinyl] for me// My Valentine's gift for him // Me on his new scooter!

What's in your life  c u r r e n t l y ?
If you do a currently post, leave a link in the comments below, so I can see what you're up to! :)


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