Thursday, July 18, 2013

chasing passions, chasing dreams


I have been hearing that word float around a lot lately. Something I love about this life is building relationships with others who inspire you. My mom always told me that the people you choose to surround yourself with reflect on who you are as a person. 
I think that is a beautiful perspective to have on relationships. It really helps you to weed out those who bring you down, and invest in those who lift you up. 

Ever since my early teens, I have always been a passionate person. I have my mom to thank for that. My passions often shifted. At times I was passionate about befriending the lonely at lunch, and at other times I was passionate about N'SYNC (can you blame 13 year old me?). I am the type of person who finds something, or someone, I love and I give it my all, my everything. 
To me, that is what being passionate is all about. 
You give everything you have to see something you love or believe in come to fruition. 
No matter the cost.

This is why I love surrounding myself with people who are passionate. It continues to inspire me and it pushes me forward. I love that my closest friends are all passionate about a variety of things. I have my wonderful husband who is passionate about creating music. Whether he is writing, performing or listening to music -- he gives it his complete attention & focus. That is passion. Then there's my best friend, she is a hair stylist. She is passionate about giving someone a perspective shift on themselves. I love that. She treats her career as more than just hair cutting or coloring; she takes each opportunity to impact someone's life and make them feel beautiful. I have a friend who is passionate about sharing Jesus with the brokenhearted, and a friend who takes everyday to help children who are disabled experience day to day life, just like any other child. I could go on and on and on. My friends are passionate and they inspire me to be more and more passionate about life.

I have another good friend who also inspires me. We've had several conversations about finding that one thing you just love to do; something that excites and challenges you...a passion. What I love about this friend in particular is that she surrounds herself with passionate people as well, and that has motivated her to find her own passion. I think that is so beautiful. That is what life is about! Maybe you don't have a particular passion, but it doesn't mean you can't ever have one. Find it! Make it up. Try something new until you find that one thing you can't live without. Maybe it's cooking, maybe it's working out, maybe it's traveling! And maybe it's all of those things. Don't limit yourself to one passion, but at least find one thing that drives you. 
Something that brings even just a little bit of joy into your day to day life. 

In my twenty-six years on this earth, 
I have come to the conclusion that the most beautiful and awe-inspiring people 
are those who are driven by their passions.

What am I currently passionate about?
Being a wife to the most amazing man I know.


What are you passionate about?


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