Thursday, July 11, 2013

marriage: year one

Oh hey there, Blog. I’ve neglected you for a long while now, I am sorry. It’s not personal, I promise…

Two and a half weeks ago, I married the most genuine, kind-hearted, handsome man I’ve ever met. Since we said “I do”, my life has never been the same. Everything tastes better, sounds sweeter, and looks more beautiful. Life truly feels perfect. I am not naïve to believe that it will always feel this way, but I also am not negative enough to believe we can’t always strive for it to be.

When we got engaged, I heard many tips and advice from those who were married. Some great, some not so great. A common tip, or warning I should say, was that the first year was the hardest year. That frightened me. Who wants to walk into their marriage fearing the first year, and just wishing you could skip pass it altogether? I took that fear and I used it as motivation. To not only make year one not be the hardest, but instead the easiest & one of the best years of our marriage.

Jamey & I made the decision to write our own vows, and I am so happy we did.  When we exchanged vows, we put our entire hearts and souls into what we wrote. To my groom I vowed, 

to always fight for our marriage & defend our love” 
“to protect our love & not allow anyone or anything tear it apart”.

I want those words to not just be vows I simply said on our wedding day, but to be commitments I make to him on a daily basis. Jamey and I want to break the statistic of year one, and instead make it monumental & memorable. It is going to take work, and it will definitely take effort. But, we believe in our love, and when you believe in love, you have to fight for it; you have to defend it. The moment you stop fighting for it, or worse, when you feel you don’t need to fight for it -- that is the beginning of a downward slope.

So, to year one of marriage, I welcome you with open arms & an open heart. This year, I will be intentional to make memories, go on adventures & adore my husband. I will refrain from getting too content within our marriage. I will ensure that my Darling feels appreciated & cared for, on a daily basis. I will plan things out so that year one does not slip right passed us.


If you’re married, I’d love to hear about your first year of marriage. 
Any regrets? Any proud moments? Please share!



  1. Marriage in general is hard in itself! But, it's worth it. You&Jamey will grow together- it's the best feeling in the world. I'm so happy for you guys!

  2. Thanks Liz! The best part about facing hardships in marriage is that you're never alone while doing it.


  3. i absolutely love this. i've heard the same thing so many times and even though i'm not yet engaged, it makes me nervous. your committment to make your Year One different than those of others is inspiring:)

    also, congratulations on your new life together!!! <3 it sounds like everything is absolutely perfect and i hope it stays that way for you for a very long time.

    p.s. the picture? to die for. you can tell that you two are crazy about each other. will there be more wedding pictures posted in the future? :)


  4. Charla,

    Thank you for your sweet words! We are so excited about this chapter & this first year together. Believe me, once you find that perfect person and decide to take that next step together, it'll be absolutely perfect. Don't listen to the critics ;)

    I will definitely post more wedding photos! We are still waiting to get them from our photographer. This one just happened to be taken by a family member :)