Tuesday, August 6, 2013

thirty is closer than twenty: lessons learned

Now that I am officially closer to being 30 than being 20, I feel like I've discovered a few things. 
Call it wisdom, or call it the natural progression of life, but as I'm discovering these concepts, 
I am falling more and more in love with life.

My 26th birthday with my amazing husband

1. I tend to think more long-term than short-term.
I still heavily believe in the beauty in spontaneity, but I am realizing now more than ever, the decisions I make now greatly effect my future. Not only my future, but my family's future. For example, I've always wanted to be healthy, but I finally have more drive to commit to being healthier and working out. Why? Well, of course I want to do it for me, but sometimes the very thing that keeps me running, or lifting, are the unknown faces of our children. I want to be healthy with my children. I want to be around for a long time.

2. Negativity has NO place in our home.
I'd like to think that I've always been a positive person. I always try to look on the bright side of things. But especially now, I can't handle negativity. I'm sure it has something to do with being married now,
but I also believe it has something to do with age.
 There's no time for negativity, in my opinion. 
Of course, there are seasons for everything,  but I am speaking about the unnecessary negative attitude,
 or outlook on life. Feel me? 

3. I'm accepting the fact that it's okay to stay in on a Friday night... Saturday night... the whole weekend.
I can hear my 19 year old self gasping right now. I used to live for the weekend! That was my time to go out, have fun, go to shows, hang out with friends, drive aimlessly, etc. Now? 
I look forward to the weekend to rest, to spend time with my husband and relax! 
Of course, I still enjoy going out with friends and living life, 
but I am learning to accept that I'll probably rather stay in than go out. 
Let's be honest, call me "grandma", and I'll answer.

4. Being financially responsible feels much better than being in debt.
Okay, I don't think anyone enjoys being debt, but I remember there was a time in my early twenties where I was a bit more apathetic when it came to spending money. You know that feeling when you're out shopping and you know you shouldn't but you somehow convince yourself that you "deserve it", so then you buy it. A cycle begins, and I feel like that is so many people's story of their early twenties. I'm glad that I am figuring out that in my early twenties I was stupid, and now I have a second chance to make my late twenties full of much smarter decisions. Jamey and I have a budget that we are comfortable and proud of. We also will be 100% debt free in October. 
Ahhh, that is THE best feeling. Ever. 

5. Happiness means everything.
This kind of goes with #2. If I want to have a long, fulfilled life, I need to be happy. This life is a gift, and it's a short gift. I can't stand to think that I would spend any second of it not being happy. That makes no sense to me. And now that I am a wife, I not only think about my own happiness, but about my husband's as well. If he isn't happy, then I'm not happy. I know the saying goes, "happy wife, happy life", but it goes both ways. This is our story together, our one life that we get to share... why waste time not being happy. I think so many people believe the lie that they have to stay at that job they hate, or live in that town they feel so smothered in... but you don't! 
Start calling the shots on your life, because after all, it is yours. 
In a nutshell, if it doesn't make me happy, 
I'll definitely be reevaluating why it is I'm doing it.


There you have it! My little bits of wisdom/advice/observations/ramblings of life on the other side of my twenties. 
I hope it caused you to think about the important things in your life, whatever age you are.



  1. Hey Brenda, I quite enjoyed this. It makes me so hopeful and expectant for the rewards 26 will have for me as well. Thanks for sharing this with the world<3

    1. Hey girl!
      Thanks so much! I have to tell ya, 26 has many, many rewards. It's all about perspective! :)