Monday, September 16, 2013

celebrate the ones you love

Friday the 13th was specifically spectacular because I got to spend the day celebrating the love of my life. Jamey turned the big twenty-five on Friday, and we both had to work.
 I still wanted him to feel special, regardless of working. 
I wanted to share a few of the ways I celebrated Jamey on his birthday, 
while sticking to a very, very minimal budget. 

The night before his birthday, when he went to bed, I went into the bathroom and posted 25 reasons why I loved him on our bathroom mirror. I had spent part of my lunch break last week writing out all of these reasons. I used scrap paper (free) and a sharpie (free). 
I had a lot of fun thinking of all the different reasons why I loved him. 
Some were serious, some not so serious. 

twenty-five reasons why I love my husband

When he woke up he immediately went to the bathroom and saw what I had done. 
I know he felt so loved and appreciated to wake up and read all of these little love notes.

I also made him a card. I love to make cards! I hate buying them, because they are overly expensive and making them is so much more fun! At times, I feel elementary, but I know Jamey loves getting them. I bought him his favorite cologne "Very Sexy" from Victoria Secret. He ran out of it a long time ago, so I had already planned to purchase it for his birthday present. 
Needless to say, his birthday morning was off to a good start!

Handmade cards > store bought cards

On our way to work, we stopped for breakfast burritos (his idea). Working on your birthday is never fun, but we made the most of it! We spent our lunch break together, and we were excited because by that point we were almost through our day! I made him a candy bouquet (he loves candy!) and I made a special delivery to him in the afternoon. I made three "tickets" of options of things to do that evening. I placed those in the bouquet and gave it to him.
I knew he'd like having the option to choose what we did! 

He was so excited when I delivered this to him! My man loves his candy :)

Option #1: Titanic Exhibit 
He recently watched Titanic for the first time, and ever since he has been intrigued by the history of it. When I heard that this exhibit was coming to Buena Park (a nearby city), 
I thought it would be a perfect way to celebrate his birthday!

Option #2: "Grease" - the musical
Jamey's favorite movie is Grease. He absolutely loves it, and everyone who knows him knows this. I knew that he had never been to a musical before, 
so this would be such a fun and exciting event for his birthday!

Option #3: "Ghosts" - a play
Jamey also loves scary movies. I, personally, am not the biggest fan of them, but I sacrifice for him. We've never been to a play together, and with it being titled "Ghosts", 
and being on Friday the 13th, I figured he would be intrigued by this option. 

He ended up choosing Option #3. The play was in Long Beach, so we headed there right after having dinner at his favorite Mexican restaurant. Jamey also ended up finding discounted tickets, so it only cost us a total of $26! We had a great time. 
It was fun doing something out of the ordinary!

The intimate setting right before the play started

Celebrating Jamey's life meant so much to me. 
Now that we are married, all I want is to do is make him happy and to feel loved, 
especially on his birthday.

Whether today is your loved one's birthday or not, make sure you celebrate them. 
Celebrate their life, celebrate your love.

I married up, that's for sure. What a stud!


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