Friday, September 27, 2013

embracing the season

The other day I tweeted about how I want to live in a place where I could experience actual seasons. Being a California native, I generally have only experienced about one season: summer. Year round, temperatures don't drop much lower than 70 and can reach up to degrees of 90, even 100
I've always loved this about living in the Golden State. 
I hate being cold, and have always claimed summer as my favorite season. 

Until now.

This has been such an incredibly hot summer. While most of the country is bringing out their scarves and hot cocoa, we're still wearing tank tops and drinking iced coffee. I don't know if it's because I am getting older, but I am definitely over this heat, and ready for the season to change. I'd never be excited about the weather being in the low 70's, but today I got so excited! 
I dusted off my tights and brought out my lace up shoes. I'm feeling good today :)

This will be our first fall as a married couple. I know Jamey loves this season, and that makes me want to enjoy it even more. This time last year, I wrote a blog post about creating traditions. I am excited to experience those traditions again this year, as a wife

Here is my fall bucket list (so far) :

  • Go to a pumpkin patch
  • Carve pumpkins while watching a classic horror film
  • Make our home decorative for the season
  • Dress up for Halloween
  • Pass out candy on Halloween night
  • Learn a few pumpkin recipes
  • Stay the night in a cabin (if not for the fall, the winter)
  • Start working on my first home project: the patio

I am sure this list will grow the more and more 
I am inspired by the wonders that fall brings, but for now this will do. 

Last year at our first pumpkin patch!

That's my husband, looking so good! :)

I think another reason I want to live somewhere I experience actual seasons, is because I see so much beauty within transition. Season to season, there is warmth, or coolness; the springing of flowers, or the build up of snow. There's a constant reminder that grace is around the corner, and mercies are new each morning. I suppose for now, as we live in California, I can just imagine the seasons drastically changing. So to you, 79 degree weather, I will ignore you and drink hot chai and keep my tights dust-free.



  1. this post is the sweetest:) i remember reading your post about creating traditions last year, and it's so exciting that you are carrying those traditions on this year with your husband<3 i hope you get to do all the things on your fall bucket list! hopefully, we will get to read about them in the coming months:) and HOPEFULLY *crosses fingers* this southern California will keep cooling down, and we'll get to enjoy a true autumn season.

    i also loved what you shared about transition and the changing of seasons. in one of my favorite books, "Passion and Purity" (one you've inspired me to pull out upon writing this comment:)), she writes about the trees dress gloriously in preparation to surrender themselves. and when winter follows, they become skeletons, "...but wonders are being performed under the surface of things. Spring comes, and the hidden wonders burst out all at once--tiny shoots, swelling buds, touches of green and red, where all seemed hopeless the day before. If the tree had not consented to be a skeleton, there would be no new life rising." every new autumn makes me think about that quote...the beauty of surrender and the new life it brings. like you said, "grace is around the corner, and mercies are new each morning." gosh, i love that. i so hope that's what you get to experience in the upcoming months.

    also, i wanted to respond to all of the amazing blog comments you've left me recently, but i don't have your email, so i hope you don't mind me responding here.

    thank you for being so sweet and encouraging about deployment. it made me teary-eyed when i logged into my email and saw your comment, encouraging me to find God and His purpose for me during this time. it was such a sweet little blessing on what was a very hard day.

    also, you mentioned in another comment that you live in Long Beach, and i had no idea you lived so close! i'm not far from you...just down the coast in Huntington. i hope this doesn't sound too weird, but i wondered if maybe sometime, we could meet up...grab some coffee or lunch or something! it would be amazing to be able to meet a blogger friend in person, especially a fellow Jesus lover:) if that seems too weird, i totally get it, but i just thought i'd throw it out there!

    i hope you're having a peaceful, relaxing Sunday, Brenda<3


    1. hi charla :)

      thank you so much for you wonderful comment! there are so many moments where i just want to stop blogging, or where i feel like "what's the point?" ... and then i will read a comment like yours and feel incredibly encouraged! i love reading your blog, and i appreciate your honesty and vulnerability that you display. it is what connects us all together!

      i grew up in long beach, but i currently live in fullerton. still not too far!! i think that sounds lovely :)

      hope you're having a great day!