Monday, October 14, 2013

breaking up with our credit cards

I have been waiting about four years for this day to come. 
The day where I could break the chains of debt. 
When I can confidently say that I am not enslaved to money. 
I have spent the last several years hoping for this very day to come, but doubting it would ever get here.

I've never been "well off". I was raised in a family that did all that we could to just get by. That never really changed once I became an adult. I was always working, but somehow I could never tread water. A couple years ago I started working for a non profit organization. Taking this job was the best decision I could make, but I knew that I would not be making much money -- 
which in turn, made me rely on having a credit card for survival. 

Which brings me to today. I made it a goal to have all of my credit card debt paid off before the end of 2013, and I am extremely elated to say that as of this month, we are 100% (credit card) debt-free!!!! To not have the worry and weight I once had when thinking of my debt is priceless

Making our final payment made me think about how God designed us. He didn't design us to live a life full of debt. He doesn't desire for us to live outside of our means. He is a good God, and a God that leads and provides. It is our goal that within our marriage and our family that we will not be enslaved to money; that we will live within the means that the Lord has provided.

one of my favorite photos of us //
since i didn't capture a moment of making our final payment,
i figured this would express how excited we are :)

Here's to wrapping up 2013 with a balance of zero and a heart full of joy.


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