Tuesday, August 5, 2014

my life, as of late

I was looking for something to write about, when I came across my friend Chelsea's recent blog post. Thanks for the inspiration, Chels! 

this photo makes me so happy
// OC Fair 2014 //

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Eating - I have a morning breakfast routine: Jenny-O turkey bacon, one over-medium egg & one piece of jalapeño cheddar toast from Sprouts. I never get sick of it!!

Drinking - WATER. Ever since starting Bootcamp (in April), I have been sticking to mostly water. Now, if we are talking drinking, then I would have to say I've had a thing for margaritas lately. I blame it on the heat.

Practicing - Saying "no". I know that sounds completely bizarre. But, it's the truth. I've been a "yes woman" for a large portion of my life, and I'm beginning to see the negative effects it has on me. Especially being married, I want to be cautious of what or who I commit to. 

Mastering - My health. I'm far from being an athlete, but I'd say I'm the healthiest I've ever been. I've been consistently working out four times a week for the last 4 months & making better decision about what I put in my body. I feel great! I'm 2% away from body fat goal, and that, my friends, feels incredible. I'm seeing myself push through when normally I would quit. 

Learning - To love myself in spite of what I consider to be my flaws. I've been stretching myself in vast ways this year, and with that, comes a learning curve. I'm learning to give myself grace within this process.

Listening - My go-to artists lately have been: VacationerThe Mowgli's & Smallpools

Playing - Lots of games this weekend. My family is a game-playing family, and it's my niece's birthday. Whatever she wants, she will get! Love her for keeping me young. :)

Reading - My go-to blogs: Sometimes SweetA Beautiful Mess, & A Teacup of Sass

Watching - About two months ago, we bought the entire Friends series, and we just started Season 10. It's literally the only thing Jamey & I watch.

Walking - I want more of this in my life. Visiting cities like San Fran this summer, reminded me how much I enjoy walking. Not the aimless kind of walking around the neighborhood (I mean, that is cool & all), but I mean the kind of walking where you see the world in a much slower pace than when you drive. I live in a downtown area, and I need to take advantage of walking it more often!

Wearing - Ehhh. This is the area I need some work on. I'm in desperate need of a style/fashion change up! I'm 27, and I don't know where to shop. There, I said it. But seriously, I feel too old if I go to Forever 21 or H&M. And, I feel too young to go to the women's section of Target. Where's the happy medium, people?!

Cooking - Lots of chicken & ground turkey (tacos, burgers). We've kind of hit a wall with creative meal planning. I am determined to change this soon!

Working - Last week I "celebrated" my two-year work anniversary at Biola! I didn't actually do anything to celebrate, but it felt awesome to recognize that it's been two years. I'm proud of myself, because it's officially the longest (consecutive) job I've ever had!

Traveling - This weekend we are meeting up with my family in Indio, Ca (near Palm Springs). We will be staying at one of my Grandma's timeshares to celebrate my niece's 12th birthday. I can't wait to spend the entire weekend in the lazy river. Also, this is our last vacation for the summer. Womp, womp.

Wanting - To move. Jamey and I have been searching for a new home for a month now. We have a few areas in mind that we would like to live in. Now, we just have to keep searching & waiting. 

Feel free to fill out your own list & link it in the comments below! 


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  1. You're so sweet for mentioning me!

    Also - I am all for you moving to Long Beach. It's a very walkable city, so ya know, two birds with one stone! :D